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Flat roofing systems are most often used in commercial and industrial roofing projects. Pfister Roofing can work with your commercial roofing project from concept to completion.  

In the last 20 years, single ply membranes have taken over the majority share of coverings since the material is manufactured in a controlled environment i.e. factory made. Tar roofs, which are manufactured on the side with tar kettles at the exterior of the building pumping hot asphalt onto the roofs surface. The single ply systems may also vary in color, white membrane are mostly preferred over black due to their reflectively to sunlight and heat. There are basically 4 types of single ply roofing materials being used in the roofing market today:

  1. EPDM (rubber)
  2. PVC (thermoplastic)
  3. TPO (thermoplastic)

When selecting materials to be used on a flat roof for a new building and/or possibly a retrofit application, it is imperative that the owner/specification writer not only selects a company that has been in business for a minimum of 20 years in producing their product and also to select qualified roofing contractors with a minimum of 10 years of roofing experience.

At the moment most commercial i.e. flat roofs are the most litigated building component in the construction industry. This is in part caused by under educated specification writer and architects as well as roofing constructors who install the materials.

In other words, workmanship has been the most severe problem when it comes to litigation on failing flat roofs.

Pfister Roofing been in business for over 35 years and are considered to be a leader in the flat roofing market as it relates to the selection of materials and quality of installation.


EPDM Roofing Facts

EPDM is a rubber like sheet fabricated in thickness of 40mil to 80 mil with or without reinforcing scrims and fabricated like an inner tube of a tire with the exception that it is flat and large up to a size of 12ft. in width 100ft. in length. EPDM or rubber roofing can be mechanically attached to the sub straight or using riverbed gravel 1½ to ¾ inch to secure same to the sub straight of a deck. Seams are glued like you would repair a bicycle inner tube.

PVC and TPO Roofing Facts

PVC and TPO are thermoplastic membranes fabricated with reinforcing scrim in thicknesses of 40ml up to 80ml. Most membranes are grey to white in color and are fabricated in widths from 72” up to 50’ in length. The membranes are glued, mechanically fastened or ballasted to the substrate. Riverbed gravel of approximately 12 lbs. in weight using ¾” to 1½” stone can also be used. The materials are joined by using a heat gun which melts the undersurface of the material which when weighted fuses the material to form a monolithic bond. A benefit of using thermoplastics is that the material reflects heat during the summer because of their light colors.

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No matter what type of flat roofing project, Pfister can get the job done.

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