Commercial Roof Inspection

Commercial Roof Inspections 


Water damage caused by a leaking roof may not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty if you do not follow the recommended maintenance procedures and alert them in the time frame specified on your warranty.

Let the Pfister Roofing team inspect your roof and develop a preventive maintenance plan so that rain, wind, leaves, ice, snow, tenants, temperature swings, contractor work areas, traffic and debris do not damage your roof and the building below.

Roof Inspection

The 13-point checklist will be implemented at each inspection and the repairs executed within the allotted predetermined budget price. Thereafter, the routine inspection report will be less costly and is designed to correct little problems. This Preventative Maintenance Program is designed to lengthen the life expectancy of the roof. It is not a warranty extension. All warranties by manufacturers or roofing contractors still apply. However, any customer signing up for the Preventative Maintenance Program will receive preferential treatment in case of any emergency.

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Roof Inspection

Set Up a complimentary roof inspection to establish an initial cost and schedule.

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