It can be more beneficial to hire a professional to repair your commercial roof rather than attempting to make the repairs on your own. You have to consider the costs of materials, the time required to make the repairs, the safety risks, and your expertise. Even in cases where you have your own maintenance employees, chances are they are not experts when it comes to commercial roof repair.

Commercial Roof Repair

Material Costs

The costs for materials will essentially be the same, whether you do the work yourself or hire a professional roofing contractor. The main difference is, if you lack the knowledge to properly repair the roof, you will end up spending more money to eventually hire a contractor to not only fix your mistakes, but also the necessary roof repair.


We have already touched on the subject of experience. Watching “how-to” videos online is not the same as the years of experience and knowledge a professional roofing contractor has, compared to the few hours you spend educating yourself on how to repair a commercial roof. No amount of time spent researching and learning how to repair a roof compares to the skills and knowledge you get with a professional.

Detailed Roof Inspection

Professional contractor know how to properly inspect your roof and identify the current causes for the existing issues requiring repair, as well as recognize other problems that can lead to future roof damage. In addition, roofing contractors have access to a wide range of tools, equipment, and technology, which you probably do not. Can you perform an infrared scan of your roof to find water hiding underneath the roofing materials? A professional roofer can.


Do you want your first roofing project to be working on your commercial roof? Probably not, as experimenting with the extent of your abilities could result in not addressing the problems and could possibly create more. A professional already understands what needs to be done, and the most efficient way to get the work done to correctly repair your roof the first time.


One of the more common accidents related to roof repairs are falling accidents. In order to ensure the safety of roofers, professional contractors have invested their own resources (including insurance) into the right types of safety gear and equipment needed to work on commercial roofs. If you do not have the right safety equipment and gear to do the work yourself, you will only be spending more money to attempt to do the job yourself.

As you can see, hiring a professional roofer to repair your commercial roof is often more beneficial than attempting to do the work yourself. Not only do professionals have access to the equipment, materials, and supplies needed to repair the roof correctly, but also are able to overcome any unforeseen challenges or other issues which may be identified after a detailed roof inspection.

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