Commercial Roof Repair & Maintenance

Commercial Roof Maintenance and Repair Services in New Jersey and New York

At Pfister Roofing, our experienced commercial roofing team has developed a comprehensive commercial roof maintenance program to address roofing problems and deficiencies across a wide range of commercial structures in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Connecticut. Below, we’ve outlined the details of our program and included images to help you better understand the commercial roof repair process. To learn more about our commercial roof repair, maintenance, and inspection services, contact our team at (973) 569-9330 today and request our repair and inspection manual.

The images below illustrate some common problems with roofing structure/materials that we routinely address.


Our Commercial Roof Maintenance & Repair Process

Regardless of whether your roof is made by us, our commercial roofing professionals here at Pfister Roofing want you to have the best roof possible at all times. To identify any problems, our commercial roofing team will prepare a detailed inspection report at no charge to you. To create your report, your roofing specialist may document problem areas on your roof using infrared scans to reveal moisture penetration , as well as scaled drawings. This report may also offer alternate roofing plans designed to save money, save energy, or solve an inherent design problem. If you have asbestos insulation, Pfister Roofing will remove the asbestos building materials in accordance with state guidelines.

Manage Your Triple Net Lease More Responsibly 

Understand your Triple Net Lease 

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8 Steps to Take Before Choosing a Commercial Roofing Contractor

Whether or not you choose to work with Pfister, here are the steps we recommend in order to find a qualified commercial roofing contractor:

  1. Look for roofing contractors that are associated with the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA).
  2. Seek out contractors that have been in business 20 years or Visit their offices and yards to get a better sense of who they are and how they operate.
  3. Get references of completed jobs comparable in size to your restoration/roof replacement.
  4. Call your references and ask how satisfied they were with the contractor they used.
  5. Get at least two quotes and examine them thoroughly. Ask questions regarding the differences in those quotes.
  6. View the insurance certificates of the contractors you are considering. Insist on a $2 million dollar liability policy and be sure the coverage is current. One call to the insurance company can save you a great deal of problems and money down the line.
  7. Call the materials manufacturer stated in their proposal and ask whether they have agreed to the roofing spec developed by your contractor. Ask whether they are licensed with the manufacturer, and find out what the manufacturer thinks of the roofing contractor.
  8. Ask about the workman’s comp modification rate, which should have a rating of 1 or less. This will help you understand the contractor’s safety practices. If the rating is well above 1, it means the contractor is not taking appropriate safety measures—this is not a contractor you want working on your roof.

Following all of the above steps should help you get answers to your questions and determine your commercial roofing needs. If you still feel uncertain about any prospective contractors, our commercial roofing professionals here Pfister Roofing will be glad to help you. Please feel free to contact us at 800-367-2207.

What Sets Our Commercial Roofing Team Apart:

Experienced, effective, and efficient, our commercial roofing contractors at Pfister Roofing are an excellent choice for commercial roofing projects of all kinds. Below are just a few reasons why our company is the right choice for your New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut commercial roofing job.

  • We are specialists in the retrofitting of existing buildings with more than 32 years of experience.
  • We have ample experience working in sensitive work environments, including pharmaceutical, manufacturing, food processing, chemical plants, and high rises.
  • We are listed with the State of New Jersey Department of the Treasury Division of Property Management and Construction, and The New Jersey Schools Development Authority.
  • We are fully insured and bonded to $5 million. We offer consultation, design build, and project management.
  • We offer Infrared Moisture Scans.
  • We include picture documentation complete with a detailed scope of work and roof evaluation on all estimates and proposals.
  • We are proud members of the National Roofing Contractors Association, North East Roofing Contractors Association, and the International Safety Network (ISN).


Pfister Roofing’s Preventive Maintenance Inspection Checklist

Our commercial roofing company uses a 13-point inspection process for our commercial roofing inspections. Any needed repairs will be executed within the allotted predetermined budget price. Thereafter, the routine inspection report will be less costly and is designed to correct any small problems that may arise. This Preventive Maintenance Program is designed to lengthen the life expectancy of the roof. It is not a warranty extension, however. All manufacturer/roofing contractor warranties still apply. All clients who sign up for the Preventive Maintenance Program will receive preferential treatment in case of any emergency. Click here to view our Preventative Maintenance Inspection Checklist.

Preventive Maintenance Inspection Checklist


Pfister Roofing’s Preventive Maintenance

To ensure their warranties, most roofing manufacturers/contractors require a documented maintenance program after installation of a new roof. Unfortunately, water damage caused by a leaking roof may not be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty if you do not follow the recommended maintenance procedures and alert the manufacturer in the time frame specified on your warranty. For this reason and many others, Maintenance is important for all commercial roofs, both new and existing. Let the Pfister Roofing team develop an inspection and commercial roof maintenance plan to prevent damage from rain, wind, leaves, ice, snow, temperature swings, tenants, contractor work areas, traffic, and debris. Click here to view our Preventive Maintenance Report Form.

Preventive Maintenance Inspection Report


Roof Repair and Maintenance

Learn more about Pfister’s roof maintenance programs to protect your roof.

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