High Rise Roof Installation and Repair

High Rise Roofing Installation, Repair & Service

Pfister Roofing is a nationally recognized local roofing contractor based out of Paterson, New Jersey serving the tri-state area for over 30 years.  Pfister roofing has an extensive portfolio of completed high rise projects.  We specialize in high rise roofing projects and can provide:

  • High rise roof Installation
  • High rise roof repair & service
  • Free estimates
  • Project Consulting

Pfister Roofing is monitored and follows a strict material manufacturer specification which ensures that your high rise roof installation or high rise roof repair is properly completed, which protects you from any short cuts or improper roofing practices. Upon completion of your high rise roof maintenace project, the material manufacturer assigns a representative to inspect our roof to ensure the materials were properly installed according to their specifications. Once approved, you are issued a material manufacturers’ warranty. The material manufacturers’ representative also rates our workmanship. In order to maintain our elite contractor status, we need to meet a high level of performance. Elite status is earned by continuously performing on a high level day and out. This process protects our clients from any questionable roofing practices.

High Rise Roofing Install or Repair Quote

No matter what type of high rise roofing project, Pfister can get the job done.

Click here to see a sample of our completed high rise roofing projects.

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