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A Family Tradition of Quality Since 1889

In the 19th Century, the Pfisterer family-owned and operated business prospered by adhering to the authority of good business practices.

Good practices continue to serve us well in the 21st Century as Pfister Roofing’s list of satisfied customers grows. Today, we offer an array of traditional and cutting-edge roofing services, knowledgeable company-trained technicians, guidance in selecting the best materials for needs and budget, and, above all, dependable, prompt service second to none.

Mission Statement

The Pfister companies are solution providers, offering customers premium roofing systems and a variety of innovative alternative energy technologies, customized to meet their needs. At Pfister, exceeding expectations is our primary objective. The company values relationships and is genuine in its dealings with employees, clients, vendors, and partners. Pfister strives to seek only high -quality and environmentally friendly materials at. competitive prices, to ensure long-term performance and the greatest return on investment.

Pfister People

Our reputation for providing innovative solutions to the most challenging jobs, the courteous on-site conduct of our roofers and their thoroughness of end-of-job clean up has earned us many compliments of a “job well done.” In fact, all Pfister Roofing technicians wear a photo ID, pass detailed background checks, and complete thorough, supervised training to ensure high quality service and customer security. Meet Our Team →

Building It Right …the First Time

As a company, we are craftsmen and engineers, skilled in the application of common and uncommon roofing materials. We specialize in all single-ply systems, coatings, slate, tile, copper, steel and aluminum roofing systems just to name a few. Located in northern New Jersey, we are centrally located for roofing projects in NY, NJ & PA.

Added Protection

We provide immediate emergency repairs to our customers and our Preventive Maintenance Programs extend the life expectancy of your roof and maintenance dollars. Unlike many roofing companies, Pfister Roofing is properly insured (fully bonded and insured in NY, NJ and PA up to $5 million AND licensed with the NJ Department of Building and Construction).

Your Partner

Pfister Roofing’s projects for commercial and industrial properties often include sheet metal/water removal systems, renewable energy opportunities, warranty management, historical restoration, high-rises and properties, skylights, HVAC equipment, and difficult access.

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