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Serving NJ, NY, PA & CT Since 1982



  1. Pfister Roofing is a nationally recognized local roofing contractor based out of Paterson New Jersey who has been successfully serving the tri-state area for 30 years. We provide full service capability for many of the major roofing material manufacturers in the industry and in many cases have achieved elite status. Being an Approved and/or Elite contractor for most major material manufacturers’ gives us the authorization to provide warranty services to clients for their new and existing warranted roof systems.


  1. Pfister Roofing applies a wide variety of different roofing systems and is not “married” to one material manufacturer or particular roof system. Diversity enables Pfister Roofing the ability to specifically design and install the proper roof system to meet your specific building needs. Many roofing contractors propose and install the same system for every project because they do not have the expertise to install any other products.


  1. Pfister Roofing offers our clients a full system warranty which includes labor, materials and workmanship from both the material manufacturer and Pfister Roofing. Our clients only need to make one phone call to Pfister Roofing for all their roofing needs. Another advantage is that we also do provide the financial backing and strength of the material manufacturer to protect our client’s long term investment.


  1. Pfister Roofing is monitored and follows a strict material manufacturer specification which ensures that your roof system is properly installed which protects you from any short cuts or improper roofing practices. Upon job completion, the material manufacturer assigns a representative to inspect our roof to ensure the materials were properly installed according to their specifications. Once approved, you are issued a material manufacturers’ warranty. The material manufacturers’ representative also rates our workmanship. In order to maintain our elite contractor status, we need to meet a high level of performance. Elite status is earned by continuously performing on a high level day and out.


  1. Pfister Roofing has a proven track record of installing high profile; safety sensitive projects for 30 years and the earned respect in the industry as well as with local businesses as a premier roofing contractor. We follow strict OSHA guidelines and have a process in place to provide Site Specific Safety Programs. Our expertise is re-roofing occupied business without causing any inconvenience to our client’s daily operations. A Safety Resume, Certificate of Insurance, and material Safety Data Specifications (MSDS) and any other pertinent information will be provided at our Pre-Construction Meeting prior to job start.


  1. Pfister roofing can design a Planned Preventive roof Maintenance Program for clients whom are not capable or in a financial position to re-roof their entire building or complex. A Preventive Maintenance Program will help you increase the life cycle of your existing roofs and successfully prepare a strategic Roof Plan to re-roof your building or complex over a period of time. Our program is based on prioritizing and managing your specific roofing needs based on area, roof condition, and budget.