Free Commerical Roof With Solar 


Pfister Roofing & Energy are offering an innovative new solution that can pay up to $500,000 for every 100,000 sq. ft. to be applied towards a new roof!



+  Requires zero capital expenditure.

+  Offers significant electricity savings over the life of the project.

+  Utilizes an off-balance-sheet solar lease structure.

+  Benefit from a single-source warranty for the roof and solar system. 


Limited funds Available on a first come first serve basis.

Contact us to find out if your company can benefit from this opportunity!


Action Items:

1 – Provide us with 12 months of utility bills to conduct an energy analysis

 2 – Schedule with us to conduct a roof and facility assessment

Pfister Roofing & Energy will deliver a Roof & Solar Proposal detailing:

(1) Free roof specs (2) Solar electricity rate (3) Solar system design.


Greg Corbett 

General Manager & Engineer 

Phone: (973) 569-9330 ext 11

Joe Joyce
Vice President, Business Development
1 (833) PENERGY or 1 (973) 653 9880