During a hail storm, the roof on your commercial or industrial building could be at risk for damage. There are several different factors which could cause hail to damage the roof. Among the more common causes are:

  • Roofing Materials – The types of materials used on the roof react differently to impacts from hail. For instance, aluminum roofs are prone to dents and dings, whereas asphalt roofs can be punctured.
  • Age of the Roof – The amount of damaged sustained is also based upon how old the roofing materials are, and their current condition.
  • Density and Size of the Hail – Hail stones vary in size from small, minute pea-sized stones to those as large as a softball, and, in some cases, even a bowling ball. In addition, most hail stones have jagged edges which could contribute to damage.
  • Wind – The speed of the wind and its direction during a hail storm affect the size and density of hail stones as well as the velocity at which they hit the roof.
  • Barriers – Barriers like trees, awnings, and others can limit the amount of damage to the roof.

After a hail storm, you need to inspect your roof for damage. It is recommended to contact a qualified commercial roof repair professional, as they are better equipped to identify damage, as it is not always noticeable right way. For example, the hail could have created small cracks in the roof and, if not repaired, might result in water leaks and water damage in the future.

In the event the hail storm produced large hail stones that punctured through the roof and made holes, you’ll need to cover those up immediately to limit and stop water from getting into the building. Most commercial roofers offer emergency roof repair services to secure the roof until the extent of the damage can be fully accessed.

Additionally, you should call your insurance agent once you know your roof has been damaged by hail. Depending on the type of coverage you have on your building, some or all of the costs to have the roof repaired or a new one installed may be covered. Keep in mind, commercial and industrial building insurance policies tend to be different from traditional homeowners’ policies, so you might want to review the policy and coverage you currently have to ensure the roof and building will be protected against hail damage.

After an initial assessment of the roof damage has been made, your roofing company will provide you with various options for fixing potential problems. The options you are presented with are directly related to the severity of impact the hail stones had on your roof. For all of your commercial roofing needs, including hail damage inspections and repairs, contact the roofing experts at Pfister Roofing today by calling 973-569-9330 or email us at info@pfisterroofing.com.