The Key to Commercial Property Investments: Maintaining Big Ticket Items

If you own, lease, or manage a commercial property, keeping the value of your investment is probably one of your top priorities. If it isn’t, then you may find over time that your failure to maintain your properties can result in much larger expenses further down the line.

Smart property owners know that keeping your property up to speed doesn’t have to add up to a gigantic expense if you stick to a regular maintenance schedule for “big ticket items” like roofing, ventilation, insulation, and fire safety.

Commercial Roof Repair – If you plan on staying in business for a long time, investing in professional commercial roof installation is one of the most logical choices you can make. Business owners have found that inferior roofing materials or inexpert roof installation can lead to the highest amount of property damage, making your roof big ticket item number one when it comes to keeping your investment sound.


A professional will be able to give you their specific diagnosis and give you plenty of ways to properly maintain your roof. If you’re not sure when the roof was installed, then this insight can prove to be invaluable. Aside from things like roof runoff, drainage, and heat management, there are many factors to consider for each individual roofing style, whether it’s slate, tile, copper, or custom metal roofing.


Ventilation & Insulation – If your commercial property will house employees or important equipment, then ensuring that it is properly ventilated will ensure that you don’t run into mold and moisture problems years, months, or even weeks after purchasing the property.


To check that you’re getting enough ventilation, try putting a thermometer at the highest point on the interior of the property. If the temperature goes above 140 degrees, (the perfect temperature for moisture and mildew to thrive), then you may need to consider ventilating the room.


If you don’t have room in your budget for a big ticket item like better insulation or ventilation renovations, consider installing a mechanical vent. Keeping the heat down will help extend the life of your roof and also cut down on cooling costs. Simply budgeting for a few windows can massively benefit you when it comes time to do your routine maintenance.


If your property makes use of heavy appliances like dryers, you should also make note of exactly where and how they are vented. Many property problems can be easily avoided by ensuring proper venting of these types of machines.


Smoke Detectors & Other Fire Hazards – If your property doesn’t already have smoke detectors, or if you see that the ones you already have are from a bygone era, getting brand new smoke detectors installed is one of the quickest and easiest steps toward making sure your commercial property will stay standing for years to come. Even though this step is relatively inexpensive compared to other items on this list, we still consider it as a “big ticket” item due to the dire importance of fire safety.


Smoke detectors that work and which are regularly tested are especially important in commercial properties inhabited by employees. As the number four accidental killer in America, fire is extraordinarily dangerous and can spread quickly. Proactive business owners will hire electricians and fire experts to help ensure that their property isn’t a fire hazard.

By thinking ahead and preparing your commercial property for the worst, you can ensure that your investment, your property, your employees, and your business can all stay safe and viable for years to come.