SOLAR CASH for Roof Space

Pfister Roofing is offering an innovative solar solution that can pay up to $250,000 in cash per 50,000 sq. ft. of roof space



+ Offers upfront cash payment to be used for any purpose

+ Requires zero upfront capital expenditure

+ Provides significant electricity savings over 25 years

+ Utilizes a tax deductible operating lease with attractive ownership options 

+ Supports energy independence, energy reliability and corporate sustainability

Limited Funds Available! First Come, First Serve Basis!


Contact us to find out if your company can benefit from this opportunity!

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Action Items:

  1. Provide Pfister Energy with a copy of a recent utility bill to conduct an energy analysis
  2. Provide a building address to determine the potential location of solar arrays

Pfister Energy will deliver a SOLAR proposal that includes:

  1. Solar-Cash Payment amount
  2. Long Term Energy Savings
  3. Solar System Design