The Unique Challenges of Church Roof Repair and Maintenance 

Church buildings are not only places of worship, for many, but are also often the site of general activity for community members outside the congregation. However, without a well-maintained roof, none of these activities can take place within a church’s walls.

Church roofs vary greatly in their size, pitch, age, and materials. However, they all have the same job, which is to protect the rest of the structure, including the artifacts within, for as long as possible.


Why Church Roofs Are Unique

Unlike standard roofs, the roof of a church contains many non-standard features. Parapets, concealed gutters, and steeples can all add to the complexity of roof repair and maintenance, requiring care that only those with specific training can provide.

The uniqueness of these roofs, as well as the intended use of the buildings below them, means a higher monetary investment is required than would be for a standard roof. Churches are built to last for several decades, even centuries, and so their roofs must be able to endure all kinds of weather.

Churches Need Regular Maintenance

Even if a church was built long ago and is a strong structure, it will require regular repair and maintenance in order to maintain its structural strength. As time passes, a church’s roof can become weak due to water leakage, wind damage, and other threats.

Fortunately, many potential issues with a roof can be halted before they can cause any real and lasting damage. Just like with a residential roof installation, a church’s roof needs to be regularly inspected, and the gutters surrounding it need to remain free of debris in order to ensure it can continue to do its job. The key to ensuring a long-lasting roof is to inspect it regularly and deal with any issues promptly.

Roof Materials Matter

Church roofs can contain many different materials, including copper, slate, and tile. However, there are also many modern roofing options available if it’s decided that the time has come for roof replacement.

Aesthetics play a big part in the choice of roof covering. Some roof materials can be difficult to replace. This is especially true with very old churches that require traditional roofing materials which are hard to find or no longer widely available.

Expert Church Roof Repair and Maintenance

Pfister Roofing, based in Paterson, NJ, understands the special requirements of church roof care. Whether a church is historic or has been recently built, we can evaluate the health of its roof and recommend a course of action.

In order for any church roof to be properly repaired, it must first be evaluated for the materials used to build it. This information must then be paired with any received reports about leaks. The height of the roof must then be determined in order to obtain the equipment necessary for inspection.

With the use of drones an evaluation can be simplified and we have not only such a tool but at Pfister this devise is fully insured and the operator is licensed to meet all local standards.

Winter Church
A Professional and Thorough Evaluation

We can evaluate your church’s interior and exterior walls for signs of roof or gutter leaks, which include dirty-looking streaks and discoloration. All of our experts in church roof installation are qualified to spot the dislocated or broken tiles, storm damage, and nail deterioration that can preface roof problems.

When you choose Pfister Roofing experts to conduct your church roof inspection, you will receive a detailed analysis, complete with images to illustrate the possible causes of leakage. This will allow you to make an informed decision about repairs and eliminate any guesswork about what may need to be done.

The best way to avoid costly replacement of your church roof is to call the inspection and repair professionals at Pfister Roofing. We proudly serve the New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania tri-state area.