As a commercial roofer in New Jersey, or even just someone who manages commercial property, you likely already know about standing seams for metal roofs, but simply holding knowledge differs greatly from knowing when you should use it and why. If you’re considering implementing a standing seam roof, you should know that new technology and advancements make this type of roof particularly advantageous.

When Esthetics Matter

Standing seam roofing is beautiful, thanks to its clean, bold appearance. The ingenious design of these roofs often feature raised seams, but they don’t have any exposed screws, giving it a smooth and ridged appearance that looks more decorative than other types of roofing.

The beauty doesn’t end here; there’s much more to see. You’ll also appreciate the ability to choose from a wide array of standard and customized colors. Coils are also available in matching shades. You may pay a premium or wait a little longer to access them. Choose the right match, and it will add to your home’s and or factory curb appeal—something that’s important for sellers.

When You Want to Avoid Leaks

The fact that standing seam roofs don’t contain any screws is beneficial in another way—it also reduces the risk of leaks. When spring rains or bad weather arrives, you’ll stand a better chance of getting through it without costly repairs.

When you Don’t Want to Install a New Roof Again Next Year

Another positive detail about this type of roof installation is that it’s dependable. Expect most installations to last for at least a decade, if not more. This is because these roofs are commonly constructed from higher grades of steel and paint than your typical corrugated steel roof.

Most corrugated steel roofing is crafted using 29-gauge steel, but standing seam roofs are made out of 26-gauge G-90 galvanized steel called Galvalume, instead. These roofs can also be produced from aluminum, which is remarkable if you live near a coastal zone; it won’t deteriorate or rust from the high concentration of salt in the ecosystem. A mid-panel stiffening technique makes these roofs even hardier, especially when compared to corrugated or ribbed metal roofs.

When Going Green Matters

In today’s world, many individuals are “going green.” Thanks to standing seam roofing, they’re ready to enjoy even better energy efficiency. Standing seam roofing prevents ice dams all throughout the cold winter months by providing an extra insulating layer against ice and snow.

When Longevity Is Important

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While you will pay more to install a standing seam roof—expect it to cost between 25% and 35% more than metal shingles, or about $8.00 to $13.00 per sq. ft.—it will pay for itself when it comes to longevity. By the time you factor in items like building permits, components, labor, and workmanship warranties, as well as the benefits listed above, you’ve made an investment that’s well worth every penny you put in.

The extra investment goes to features like non-standard lengths, assorted colors, and the fact that it isn’t made out of low-end, thin galvanized steel. This robust construction keeps your roof in place and in one piece for much longer than a traditional roof. It’ll stand up to whatever the environment throws at it through the years.

This blog contains just a few of the very best reasons to use standing seam roofing, but it certainly isn’t exhaustive. At the end of the day, it’s up to you to decide when it’s right for your project. Need more information? Contact Pfister Roofing today for a quote on your next project.