Thinking About Doing Your Own Roof Inspections? Here Are 5 Reasons Not To

When in optimal condition, your roof is primarily responsible for protecting your business from water damage. However, if you’ve noticed water stains on your ceiling or damage from water on walls and floors, you may be tempted to climb up onto your roof to find out what is happening. After all, it’s a faster and cost-free way to fix potential problems. Or is it?

Commercial Roof

The best option when evidence of potential roof issues is detected is to call a professional roof inspector. In doing so, you can ensure that any potential problems are prevented, or existing issues addressed. Still feeling tempted to inspect your own roof? Read on for 5 reasons not to.

  1. Risk of Voiding Your Warranty

Your roof carries a manufacturer’s warranty that can easily be voided if you do not follow their recommended procedures for maintenance, which includes professional inspection. Not only that, but the longer you wait to call a professional, the higher the risk that issues will worsen. As well, you may have exceeded the time frame to alert the manufacturer about issues, which can also void your warranty.

Professional inspectors can help you maintain your warranty by helping you choose preventative maintenance or repair options that fit your budget as well as meet manufacturer warranty time frames.

  1. High Risk to Your Safety

Chance are good that you do not possess the same kind of specialist equipment that your local commercial roof repair contractor does for conducting roof inspections. This equipment ensures their safety as they climb up to the roof and conduct the inspection, as well as allowing for a safe descent once inspection is complete.

Without the proper equipment, a host of potential injuries could result, ultimately preventing you from doing what you do best, which is running your business.

  1. No Professional Experience

If you cannot tell the difference between a healthy roof and one that would benefit from maintenance or repair, or how old a roof needs to be before replacement is necessary, professional eyes are definitely needed. The same is true if you’re not aware of what causes things like alligatoring, blistering or ponding, and don’t know where to look for them.

  1. It Can Negatively Affect Your Wallet

Believe it or not, trying to inspect your business’s roof can actually cost you money. In not having the experience of a professional, there’s no way to really know what needs work now or what can wait. This can result in money being spent on unnecessary repairs. A professional can both tell you what is needed on your roof now, as well as help you fit maintenance, repairs and replacements into your budget.Business Roof

  1. It Can Affect Your Income

If you will soon be selling your building or plan to rent it, the condition of your roof will be a top priority for buyers and tenants, who need to know that moving to your building will allow for the safe operation of their business.

In choosing not to call a commercial roof repair specialist to inspect your roof prior to selling, a lot of money can be lost in terms of resale value.

  1. It Can Raise Your HVAC Costs

When a roof is damaged, hot and cool air can quickly escape when the insulation is wet, leading to incredibly high electricity bills. Unknown roof issues can also lead to misspent funds if you call your local HVAC company to inspect the system for problems instead of calling a company for professional roof inspection or even emergency roof repair and energy losses.

Running your business is enough of a time-consuming endeavor without the worry that something may be wrong with your roof. A professional roof inspector can quickly lay your worries to rest by identifying issues and suggesting the most effective ways to restore your roof to its healthiest state.